Saturday, January 16, 2010

Visit Ghent

Tourists visiting hotel in Gentconsider it to be the real diamond of Belgium and Flanders. The city is one of the largest and well preserved ones in Belgium. Ghent proudly houses an important harbour as well as some very important sights. This city is also popularly known as the flower city of Belgium. A walking trip through the city can be very interesting while holidaying in the city. St. Bravo Cathedral is one of the most interesting sights here. It is famous for housing the 'Adoration of the mystic lamb', a famous work by Jan and Hubert Van Eyck in 1432. Some other sights that you can visit while staying in the city include Gravensteen Castle, Belfry Tower, Town Hall and St. Nicholas Church. The restaurants in the city can provide excellent and affordable sample of Flemish cuisine. You can also enjoy a relaxing drink at authentic pubs such as St. Veerleplein.

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